Saturday, December 29, 2007

More Fun With The Relatives

Hello there! The Mr. and I are back safe and sound from our California trip. It was a lot of fun and I will post photos and stories soon. Here is a post I didn't have time to put on the blog before leaving on the trip. It finishes up the the time we had with our visitors Seth, Shawn, Krystelle and Stephanie with a brief overview of the things we did. :)

We made sure to go to our favorite restaurant for breakfast- Dutch Mothers.

Starbucks as usual!

We spent some time at Fairhaven. We met Char at Avenue Bread for lunch and then walked around and looked at the shops. Last time we were at Avenue Bread, they had turkey bread but this time they had reindeer bread. :)

More shopping in Fairhaven.

This is a neat shop in the old town bank building, called Three French Hens.
"A Boutique for Chicks." Haha.

We played glow in the dark mini golf in Bellis Fair mall.

The black lights made Seth's shoes look pretty cool.

Bowling in Bellingham.

Shawn took this photo of The Mr.'s spectacular bowling form.

We had a great time with Seth, Shawn and the girls and hope that they will come visit us again!


  1. Welcome home! Did you make the trip straight through or did you stop for a rest? That's one long drive!

  2. Sarah- We drove right through! Don't want to give up too much info though so that I can save it for a future post. :)


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