Friday, November 30, 2007

Our Bible Conference

As you will see from the following photos, there were a lot of kids at the bible conference! I took a few photos of adults too, but most of those didn't turn out, as they were indoors.

Jamin and Anthony

LeAnne (Knittery's oldest,) Chiquita (Lily's youngest) and my "neice" Char. Sir and PC working hard at the recording table.

Chiquita and Esther play on the seesaw and Dolly (ioi's oldest) waits her turn for some fun.

Dad against the kids! (Radu, Jeff, Daniel, Justin, Melita.) Emma sound asleep somewhere comfy.

Drooler helps Emma find her paci.

I apologize that the photos are not clickable for larger viewing and instead open up the "save to my computer" window. Blogger is experiencing some problems and hopefully it should be fixed for my next post. :)


  1. hey, the photo's are doing the same thing for me... i think you are obsessed with kids. i think avah needs a cousin... hint hint...

  2. Hi Chatty,
    On my computer a sign comes up asking if I want to save or open this file. When I say open,it takes 3 seconds to put it on my screen nice and large.

  3. Aww, I love the sea saw photo, so cute!
    And no, that nut cracker is not the big one from costco...I am way to cheap-er, thrifty for that, I think 180$ is kinda steep, he is actually a $7.99 14 inch tall little dude. Cute though huh? KAitlyn picked him.
    Hmmm, I should post this over on my blog too so others know.


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