Thursday, October 18, 2007


My sister Holly just had her baby girl approximately 35 minutes ago. Her labor started at 2 am and ended at 7:06 pm (SK time.) Not bad for a first timer! I am so excited for her and Josh, and at the same time, sad that I am not there to visit them in the hospital. I am so so so excited. I can't wait till I go for a visit at the end of this month! The baby girl weighs 9 lbs 2 oz and is nice and healthy. My mom is now a grandma and a happy one at that! She tells me the baby is "just a little butterball." She doesn't have a name yet, or a blog nickname, but I will let you know once they decide!

Update #2: They are home from the hospital (as of 9:30 pm Friday night) and are all doing well and are very happy. I forgot to mention earlier that Avah was measured at 21 and a quarter inches. She's going to be tall!

Update #1: Photos! Thanks Mom and Kim.

The happy family.

The new arrival.

The new Grandpa and the new dad taking turns.

Look how healthy I am! (And HUNGRY Mommy!) Aren't I cute when I stick out my tongue?

The kids take their turns too- Christa, Brad and Kim.

The happy new grandparents!


  1. Congratulations!! Now you can really feel like an Auntie since your own sister has a baby. She must be one chubby little girl at 9.2!! Katelynn is chubby and she was 8.11! Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. I can't wait to see pictures either, or hear the name they choose for her! Thanks for the congrats, it is true that you finally feel like a real Auntie when your sibling has a baby, YOU would know! Hope all is well over at Katelynn's house. :)

  3. Congratulations!!!
    To the new parents and to you.
    There's nothing like being an Auntie.

  4. What a cutie!!

    Congrats on the new neice!

  5. She is so cute! and so alert! wow! your going to have a fun trip. Her hair is great. Certainly looks like some happy Grandparents.

  6. Congrats - what a beautiful baby!!! And I can't believe how alert she is! Have a great trip to see them!

  7. She's so cute and chubby! Wow, 9.2, that's a big baby. And such a short labor. That's wonderful. Congrats on being an Auntie!

  8. kim just texted me the name! Avah Brynne! She's so cute! I bet you can't wait to go visit!

  9. No I can't wait to go visit! Last night we actually contemplated trying to move my train tickets up. I am so excited.

    Thanks for all the comments guys!

  10. ah you totally should see if you can move them up!

  11. Hey - Congratulations - welcome to the Auntie-but-not-yet-mommy's club!! She is very adorable!! I can't believe how big she is! You'll have a great time when you go to visit! I guess I should get my gift finished for her now!!

  12. What a cute babe! She is a butterball, but those are always the cutest!

  13. Hi Coralee,
    Well, its been a long wait but now your little niece is here. I'm so glad you get to go to see her soon. Tell Josh and Holly and your parents congratulations for me. I'm happy for all of you.
    Mom Jay


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