Monday, August 6, 2007

Our Last Morning at Yellowstone

This was a much more relaxing morning than we thought it was going to be. We packed everything up nice and early in the morning, and I packed everything into the car in the exact same spots they were packed on the way out. We expected that the tent would be hard to pack up, but it was so easy! I love modern tents, because they are so much easier to use than old ones. Ours fit back in the bag with lots of room to spare. Packing went so smoothly, that I was able to go for a little walk in the forest behind our tent. I was walking along when all of a sudden, there right in front of me was a mother mule deer and her fawn. I got a few photos and a video. You really should watch the video. I was taking the video of the mother, when the baby came bouncing up in the background right at the end of it. The mother started getting territorial and stomped her foot at me, so I left them alone after that. It was such an incredible sight to see that cute little baby bounce up to it's mother like that. It is so cute how they hop!

Mother Mule Deer

Fawn, complete with dots.

After we were all packed up, and fresh ice was packed into the cooler, we met the rest of the group and made one last tourist stop. We went to the Canyon Visitors Center where they have a neat museum you can walk through for free. I learned a lot about the area and found it a really neat place to stop. There is a computer that shows the seismic readings for the area, and it showed that not too far from us there were tremors just that morning. It was pretty neat to learn about all the activities that were going on below the ground in the park and I took a lot of pictures of signs so that I would have the information for scrapbooking my pictures later.

The blue squiggles show that there were tremors.

The kids enjoyed the museum.

After saying our goodbyes, we loaded up into the car and headed for Wallace, Idaho. We ate dinner at Pizza Factory in Wallace, and it felt like home. We have the same chain in Blaine and have eaten there a few times. While eating there, we noticed they have "John 3:16" written on the bottom lip of their cups. Pretty neat! After dinner, we ordered a fresh local huckleberry milkshake at a cute little icecream shop and walked around Wallace until it got dark. Wallace is a great town and is a place I would like to go back to. They are in a great setting, with a popular downhill bike path, atv/snowmobile trails, hiking, skiing etc. It is a mining town with lots of museums and mine tours. When we were there, their ATV Rodeo was just wrapping up. There were ATV's all over the place and they were allowed to ride on the roads. It was weird to share the road with 4-wheelers! It was a nice, restful, quiet night and we woke up the next morning and went to Spokane for meeting.

Wallace Idaho

Train Museum


Our Hotel- a great place to stay.


  1. Hey cool! I've never been to Wallace before and now I'll have to check it out. Looks like a super cute place to stop and visit.

  2. Looks like yo had a great time, someday I would like to take my family there as well.


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