Friday, August 17, 2007

NW WA Fair

On Wednesday, The Mr. and I went to the Northwest Washington fair. The fair takes place in one of my favorite towns, Lynden, WA. This year, the weather was perfect for the fair with blue sunny skies and a breeze. There were barns to walk through, exhibits to look at and rides to watch. Notice I didn't say rides to ride! The Mr. and I decided this year that we were too old for rides. We love certain types of rides, like roller coasters for example, but it seemed the only rides they had at the fair this year were the tight circle get sick quick kind. Even watching them, I started to get a headache. It is crazy what people call fun!

The first thing we saw when we entered the fair was the 4H pig competition. It was so amusing to watch the pigs walking around the ring, especially when one pig decided he really didn't want to be there, and kept snorting and running around. His owner wasn't too pleased. From there, we moved on and saw the animal barns. We saw all sorts of llamas, goats, pigs, cows, poultry and rabbits. My favorite part of walking through the animal barns is seeing the babies. We saw baby llamas, sheep, goats and pigs. The baby llamas are hilarious looking because they look so out of proportion. There was a large litter of baby pigs to watch and they were so cute.

I like walking through the commercial buildings and watching the demonstrations. You hear the same jokes year after year and it's funny to watch how hard people are trying to sell things. The only commercial item we have ever bought at a fair is the Starfiber mop and microfiber cloths, which we still love. They work great.

Of course, you always have to eat fair food at the fair, but I got a stir fry. The Mr. decided to try something different this year and got a German sausage with fried sauerkraut on it. Later on in the day, we got a funnel cake to share as well! Funnel cakes are so light and crispy and yummy!

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  1. Fried sauerkraut--yum! Gotta love the fair! I'm looking forward to the Western Idaho Fair, might even check out the Charlie Daniels Band in concert - definitely a fair-worthy experience!

  2. Looks like fun! Our favorite fair is the Monroe county fair. i can't remember when it is but it's fun. there are baby pig races and logging competitions.......


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