Monday, July 16, 2007

A Busy Busy Summer

I am going to play catch up and tell my stories through pictures instead of a million posts. Click on each album and read the photo captions for the stories. Summer is so busy! I am enjoying it!!!!

The Blaine Old Fashioned 4th of July. Antique car show, street fair, visiting with neighbors and a great parade.
Old Fashioned 4th in Blaine

July 4th-6th in Gresham, Oregon with Phone Guy, Princess and Chip ("off the ol' block.") Lots of fireworks, disc golf and nice weather.
Gresham trip

July 7th. I went to Mt. Baker, Nooksack Falls and Samish Lake with the Hallowells. The water falls were the prettiest I had ever seen them because of high amounts of snow still melting on the mountain.
Mt. Baker and Lake Samish

July 13-14. Our time at the Okanagan with Drooler and his family!

Okanagan BC Trip


  1. I have a setting like that on my Kodak too. Is yours the dual lens camera? Oh how I love mine! Takes GREAT pics!

    I STILL haven't played any disc golf, although my hubby has...maybe one day I will get back into it. I have some nifty discs and they've only been used like a couple of times. Seems a shame to waste that! Don't you think? LOL

    I enjoyed your pictures!

  2. Yes you should definitely get out and try some disk golf. Google the National Disk Golf association and they will tell you where the courses are in your area. It's so much fun, because it's exercise (a little!) and free!

  3. Oh, and I think there is an option to buy a lens for my camera. I'm not sure. Right now it is just however it came.

  4. Oh, I know where the courses are around's just a matter of either getting my hubby out to play too or finding someone to keep my 4 kids. Kinda hard to play, I'm guessing, with a 15 mth old, 4, 6 and 13 year old. The oldest would want to play, which is fine...the middle two would be running amok. LOL

    About the camera...must not be the same one I have. =)

  5. Great pictures! What fun times!

  6. I wish I had your camera skills and enthusiasm for actually taking pictures! A million times I've found myself thinking "I wish I had a picture of ____." You do such a fabulous job of chronicling your days and experiences!


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