Monday, July 9, 2007

Another Lovely Evening at the State Park

I guess I need to get in the habit of posting my posts as they are swirling around in my head, or directly after I come home from the event. Right now, there are 6 groups of photos that have not yet been made public on my photographs page, because I mean to blog about them. Oh well. It makes this week very easy to blog as long as nothing else exciting happens. I can just choose a set of photos and blog about them entirely out of order ok? I will start with our BBQ with the Imbeaus on July 3rd, since those photos are finally uploaded. My Picasa is broken right now, so I only uploaded a few manually through Google.

Fruit Pizza

Drooler, his Mommy, Grandparents B&B, Aunt C and Uncle J came over and we played Taboo until The Mr. came home from work. At that time, we decided to go on down to the state park and start the hamburgers cooking. I had made everything ahead of time, so we packed it all into the laundry hamper, threw it in the back of the Ranger along with folding chairs, the BBQ, Croquet, Bocce and blankets.

Waiting for the beef.

The Mr. working some hamburger magic.

It was a fun night. After eating our hamburgers, potato salad and veggies, we had fruit pizza for dessert. Then Bocce and Croquet was played, Aunt C went swimming, I went wading, Drooler made everyone on the beach smile with his constant giggling and we viewed a beautiful sunset in it's many stages of lowering. We went back to the house and started up the Taboo again. I must say that I am very sure that was the most fun I have ever had playing Taboo. I will play Taboo with the Imbeaus any time! Especially Aunt C. She has an amazing ability to think outside the box and use comments that lead the guesser to the answer in a direct way, totally unrelated from what I would have ever thought up. For example, for the word Apple, she said "Dad has one of these in his throat." And of course they said Adam's apple right away. There were so many examples like this throughout the night that I can't even start to list them. The teams were boys against girls, but Charlotte swayed the girls team so much, that we made a new rule that she could be a guesser for both the boys and girls teams. There was so much laughter and craziness that night. No one got to bed early that night, since the I's didn't even leave till almost midnight!

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! You guys sure stay busy. It seems like you're all always have some kind of get together! That's nice. I'm glad for you guys.


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