Monday, June 11, 2007


I didn't have time to post earlier today, so here is some cuteness. I usually post Mon./Wed./Fri. but today I had a doctors appointment at 2pm and then went shopping after and I just got home. It's 9pm, so that means I was shopping for at least 5 hours. Yikers! I was looking for dress clothes and didn't find much. It seems all shirts are low and see through these days. Not exactly what I am looking for since it is going to be too hot in eastern Washington to be wearing layers! We are, Lord willing, going to Walla Walla conference at the end of this month. I am really looking forward to the ministry and seeing friends and family again.

The photo is of Luke (and three rubber duckies.) I got to look after David, Esther and Luke the other day while their mommy went mountain biking with some friends. The Mr. says that we should get my bike fixed so that next time they go biking, I can go with them. I am not sure if I want to, since it is very hard work and it includes log rides and such. Drooler's mommy went, and she loved it. That might just convince me to at least try it once!


  1. yes you should come biking with us! its not too hard. you can always ride around the stuff. thats what i do :)

  2. TOTal cuteness! i envy you SO much! :)

  3. Chasm's LadyJune 12, 2007 at 3:55 PM

    You Definitely should come biking =) Heather says that next time it'll be an easier path in the Watershed, I'm sure you'd do great!

  4. We have yellow ducks! Baby mogul loves them.


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