Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sunny Skies, Green Grass, Cool Breezes....

...and cooped up kids.

Thankfully, we were given beautiful weather over most of the weekend. Hosting the bible conference in our own meeting room makes for a very crowded front foyer between meetings. If it would have been raining all weekend, I think the kids would have went crazy. I never heard any numbers, but it seemed like there were a ton of kids present. At the end of each meeting, there was a stampede of kids with itchy legs, tired of sitting and ready to get outside and play. We have a rickety old swing set with slide, an old plastic play house, and one generous young man brought rubbermaid totes full of lego and plastic animals. Someone also got the wise idea of moving the air hockey and foosball tables outside and throwing tarps over them if it were to rain. Those items were enough to keep most of the kids outside and running around, away from the maze of legs inside. I was very thankful, because having so many people in a somewhat small area can be very overwhelming.

(Center top, moving clockwise)
PC, Drooler, Luke, Wiggles and Lukey
Lukey, PC, Droller and Luke

The meetings were wonderful. We took up the 7 Churches in Revelation and it was very practical for Christians today. It made us look at Church history and examine ourselves as to the practices and beliefs we hold as well as our personal faith in and communion with Jesus Christ. The 2 addresses and open meeting were very practical as well as and it really seemed the Lord was leading us to search for a deeper truer relationship with Himself, no matter what our current circumstances. I was very encouraged. Three questions that were raised over the course of the weekend were: How often are we spending time in the Word of God? - failure begins when we set the Word of God aside. What confession of faith does the world hear from us? What things are in our homes that hinder our enjoyment of Christ and communion with Him?

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  1. Those are very cute pics! I'm glad we had the conference, aren't you? It was a real encouragement! Thx for the comments you leave on my blog. Well, I gotta run...girls need attention!


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