Monday, April 23, 2007

A Beautiful Summer Day

It's been getting so nice here lately. Drooler says it's time to put your shades on dudes and dudettes! Blue skies are showing up more and more. We have had quite a few sunny days with pleasant breezes and I love spending those kinds of days outdoors. A bit over a week ago, The Mr. and I spent our day with Drooler and his parents as well as The Rich Bachelor and Mr. and Mrs. Crazy. (I guess that's shorter than "Crazy Hair Dude" so I'll just use "Crazy" until better nicknames form.) We spent a large portion of the day either playing or watching tennis at the High School in Blaine.


Drooler's Daddy, Drooler and The Mr.

Movie! Drooler "chews." These are green beans, but he will even chew water. :)

When Drooler was ready for his nap his mommy and I decided to go back to the house. On our way we stopped and got refreshments- a blended fruit smoothie for D's mommy, and a decaf Cappuccino Shake for me. We arrived at the house, and just as we were pulling into the driveway I thought about something very important- no keys! What were we to do? The Mr. had the keys, which made sense, since he had the car. I don't keep a house key in my purse, and we don't have a hide-a-key anywhere in the yard. Oops. I was very thankful that I have great neighbors who let me use their restroom, and borrow a baby blanket so we could possibly lay Drooler down for a nap in the backyard. The backyard was warm and sunny, so we sat and sipped our drinks while Drooler explored. So much for his nap!

Click here for a slide show of more photos. Also: the link on Drooler's name in the first paragraph is hiding a bonus Drooler video. :)


  1. That is so cute of Drooler "chewing" his green beans!!!

  2. I think that the video of Drooler chewing is one of the cutest things i've ever seen. And that's saying something because i had two darling daughters!

  3. I'm adding in a comment I got from my dad over the phone: "It kinda looks like your a little baby crazy."

    Well, I guess 5 Drooler photos and a Drooler movie makes me a little Drooler Crazy. :) But he's drooler - who can resist??? ;)


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