Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Near Banff, there is a ski hill named Sunshine. It is a beautiful place and I have so many good memories there. We used to go there after Calgary conference in the spring. It was so much fun to be able to spend the day snowboarding at Sunshine with the family and have Mom in the lodge with all the goodies (entertaining who ever is resting at the moment with yummy Canadian candies, beef jerky, chocolate, cheezies etc.) just like the good old days! As you can see from the photos, the weather changed a few times throughout the day, but overall, it was a really fun day. My youngest sister and I spent most of the day together and we spent some time snowboarding through trees and finding piles of powder to land in. Hopefully she will email me all the good pictures she got and I can put them up here later. She actually took her camera up the hill with her, so I bet she got some great photos. Actually, just in case she is reading this right now, I will just hint that I would love them all burnt onto a CD and placed in the mailbox for me!! (Please?!)

Click on the photos for huge versions.

Mom brought us some warm grippy socks and there was a deer begging for crackers at our back porch.

Hosh and Jolly at Sunshine and Farmer Dad in the shadows of the lodge.

The gondola, my youngest sister and Farmer Dad.

Real Canadian water.... well, I'm glad it's real!

Yum, the contents of the treat bag.


  1. Who can forget how gorgeous it is!!! I miss the good times at & after Calgary conference too!

  2. Looks like you had a blast! I miss those fun times too! I have so many good memories from when we were young, not saying we're old or anything!

  3. Anna- if only we could sit on bunk beds and browse wedding magazines again.

    I always loved the paper dolls you made, do you still have those?

  4. Great reminders of my one skiing experience after conf at Sunshine! The scenary is always awesome. Glad that you had a happy time!

  5. Wow, you miss the whole wedding magazine thing? We were awful to you! But we had some great times when Anna and I weren't copping an attitude...
    I miss Canada...


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